March Madness – IRONMAN Style

Ironman-Bracket-Rd4In light of NCAA March Madness I wanted to see what North American Ironman Event people like the most. I randomly seeded the different Ironman events. Voting will take place over the next four weeks.

Updated 3/30/13: Final Round Match-up is now live

You can vote once per day. Results of each round will be determined at the end of each week.

Round 1: March 18th-21st

Round 2: March 22nd-25th

Final Four: March 26th-29th

Championship: March 30th-April 7th

My training: This week’s training was really focused on ramping up the hours on the bike. I got in 7.25 hours on the bike over 4 separate rides. Due to the cold weather/snow I am still stuck indoors on the trainer. Movies help a little, but the fastest way to make time go faster is to spin in groups. Saturday we did a group spin at Endurance House and we simulated the Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course. Albeit it’s not the real thing, but its better than a typical spin alone in my living room. This week we also got in 4 hours of running, including a 1.25 hour run on Wednesday (longest so far of training). Next week is recovery week, so it will be a chance to get my legs fresh and get ready for riding outside (hopefully) in April.

Week totals: 15.5  hours

  • Swimming: 3.75 hours
  • Biking: 7.25 hours
  • Running:  4 hours
  • Core/Lifting: .5 hours

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Map

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Map

Week 11 – Bike Focus

Tuesday: 2.25 hour spin while watching The Hunger Games. 45 min run + Core

Wednesday: 1.25 hour run. 45 minute swim (drill/form focus)

Thursday: Group Spin at Endurance House – East. Main set was power intervals and some simulated hills

Friday: 45 minute run. 45 minute swim

Saturday: Morning spin at Endurance House – East. We simulated the Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course (1 loop).

Sunday: Brick Day, 4 hours total. 1.5 hour swim (4000+ yds). 1.5 hour bike. 1 hour run

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Elevation Map

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Elevation Map

Favorite workout of the week: Saturday morning’s spin workout was great! We did a simulation of one of the Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course loops. We would simulate the different climbs and flats of the course as a group. Not the real thing, but it makes a snowy Saturday morning go by faster.

Least favorite workout of the week: My Wednesday morning run. It had snowed 4-6 inches the night before. I used my Yak Tracks which helped out a lot on the ice, but the areas that weren’t plowed yet were tough. Definitely got a good quad workout running through deep snow.

Advice of the week: If you can achieve something without a struggle, it’s not going to be satisfying

Thing I’m looking forward to next week: Is it ever going to get warm out? Next week is a recovery week

10 responses to “March Madness – IRONMAN Style

  1. Great idea simulating the course with friends. I can’t believe I’m saying this about stationary biking, but that actually sounds kind of . . . fun. 🙂

  2. I’m just curious what you do for your feet on the snow runs? I see you said yak tracks, but is that it? I live in Denver and have a chance to run in snow now and again. I tend to use it as an excuse not to.

    • Yeah I just use yak traks on my Newtons. Mostly for the ice and light snow on the bike trails around Madison. Not sure if they’re the best for deeper snow

      • Do your feet not get cold and wet? I would also think the water breaks down your shoes faster, but I’m not sure. I rock the Altra Instincts, and I just got my Altra Instincts 1.5. I ve never ran in Newtons, but I know they re nice.

  3. Nice work on the trainer rides. I’m looking at joining TrainerRoad for this winter, as a couple of my IM buddies swear by their trainer workouts. Unlike you I don’t have the luxury of group sessions.

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  5. Hi Eric,
    I found your blog when you started following mine (thanks for that, by the way). Your blog is great! I’m looking forward to checking out the archives.
    I’ve been running in Newtons for years. Love them.
    I hope you have an awesome season. Are you doing any races besides IM Wisconsin?
    I’ll be following your progress this season.
    Take care,

    • I’m doing Capitol View Olympic (Madison Wi) and Door County Half Ironman. Probably will do a couple other races as well. Thanks for the follow. Best of luck!

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