Race Results


December 5th: Challenge Daytona (RACE REPORT)

  • Results: 3:54:58, 2nd overall, 2nd M30-34


February 9th: Phoenix Half Marathon

  • Results: 1:20:27, 45th overall, 14th M30-34

April 27th: Crazylegs 8K

  • Results: 28:53, 44th overall, 5th M30-34

May 19th: IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3

  • Results: 4:03:07, 4th Overall Amateur, 4th M30-34

May 26th: Madison Half Marathon

  • Results: 1:19:01, 12th overall, 2nd M30-34

June 2nd: Lake Mills Triathlon – Sprint

  • Results: 1:03:11, 4th Overall, 2nd M30-34

June 9th: IRONMAN Wisconsin 70.3 (RACE REPORT)

  • Results: 4:13:00, 1st Overall, 1st M30-34

July 13th: IRONMAN Muncie 70.3 (RACE REPORT)

  • Results: 4:01:35, 2nd Overall, 1st M30-34, 70.3 Worlds Qualifier

July 28th: IRONMAN Ohio 70.3 (RACE REPORT)

  • Results: 4:01:52, 1st Overall, 1st M30-34

September 8th: IRONMAN Wisconsin

  • Results: 9:21:04, 9th Overall, 2nd Overall Amateur, 2nd M30-34, Kona Qualifier

October 13th: IRONMAN Louisville (RACE REPORT)

  • Results: 7:51:46, 1st Overall, 1st M30-34

November 28th: Berbee Derby 10K

  • Results: 35:06, 16th overall, 4th M30-34




February 28th: Phoenix Marathon (Mesa, AZ)

  • Goal: Top 3 AG, BQ
  • Finish: 9th Overall, BQ, 2:46:55, 3rd AG
  • Race Report

May 22nd: IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3

  • Goal: 1st AG, Top 3 Amateur overall
  • Finish: 20th Overall, 2nd amateur, 1st AG (25-29)
  • Race Report


May 2nd: IRONMAN St. George 70.3 (St. George, UT)

  • Goal: Top 3 AG
  • Finish: 23rd overall. 4th amateur. 1st AG

June 8th: Lake Mills Sprint (Lake Mills, WI)

  • Goal: Top 3 Overall
  • Finish: 2nd Overall

June 28th: IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene (Couer d’Alene, ID)

  • Goal: Top 3 AG
  • Finish: 16th Overall. 3rd amateur. 1st AG

July 13th: Pewaukee Multisport Weekend – Sprint (Pewaukee, WI)

  • Goal: Top 3 Overall
  • Finish: 1st Overall

July 26th: Toughman Minnesota (Chicago Lakes, MN)

  • Goal: Top 3 Overall
  • Finish: 1st Overall

August 20th: Pigman 70.3 (Cedar Rapids, IA)

  • Goal: Top 3 Overall
  • Finish: 5th overall

September 13th: IRONMAN Wisconsin (Madison, WI)

  • Goal: Top 3 Overall
  • Finish: 10:20

October 10th: IRONMAN World Championship (Kona, HI)

  • Goal: Top 10 AG
  • Finish: 10:00


March 1st: Phoenix Marathon (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Goal: BQ Time
  • Finish: Didn’t run. Stress Fracture

June 8th: Liberty Half Ironman (Rockford, MN)

  • Goal: Top 3 AG, Top 10 overall
  • Finish: 1st AG, 3rd Overall – 4:17

June 29th: IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene (Coeur d’Alene, ID)

  • Goal: Top 3 AG, Top 40 overall
  • Finish: 1st AG, Top 17 overall -9:36

July 20th: Door County Half Ironman (Egg Harbor, WI)

  • Goal: Top 3 AG, Top 10 Overall
  • Finish: 1st AG, 2nd Overall4:19

July 27th: Chisago Lakes Half Ironman (Chisago Lakes, MN)

  • Goal: Top 3 AG, Top 10 overall
  • Finish: 4th overall, 2nd Amateur

October 11th: IRONMAN World Championships

  • Goal: Top 10 AG
  • Finish: 18th in AG, 2nd American in AG, 147th Overall – 9:31:47


Capitol View Triathlon (olympic)

  • 7th Overall

Pewaukee Triathlon (sprint)

  • 4th Overall

Door County Half Ironman

  • 8th Overall

IRONMAN Wisconsin

  • 7th AG, 50th Overall

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