Lead by IRONMAN Champion, 70.3 Champion and Olympian Andy Potts. “The Crew” is a group of elite and professional triathletes representing some of the best brands in the sport!


I am getting rid of all the gels, bars and chews. Going simple again this year. INFINIT’s custom-blended nutrition solutions are designed to match an athlete’s unique nutritional profile through the complete customization of a sports drink. They carry a host of ingredients that have been shown to enhance endurance, muscle hydration, recovery and muscle performance. Use discount code EENGEL-INFINIT for 15% off your next order.


Whether a performance-focused or recreational athlete, you’re likely to be constantly looking for ways to improve to train and perform at your peak. Have you ever felt stuck in a training plateau? Or do you often feel that you are failing to recover after your workouts? Have you been consistent at hitting the gym and not feeling stronger? Pushing the limits on your training can come at a cost to both performance and recovery. AltRed is clinically proven to be a reliable, clean, plant-based nutrient to perform at your peak and keep your and recovery time down. Use code EENGEL-ALTRED to save 15% off your next order


A3 Performance quickly became known for developing some of the top swimming goggles and training equipment in the sport of swimming.  As demand for A3 Performance product grew, so did A3’s product offering. Today, A3 Performance is proud to be an innovation leader in competitive swimming, offering a full line of competitive swimwear including training suits, swim caps, goggles, training equipment, BODIMAX Sleeves, and elite technical racing suits. Use code ENGEL15 to save 15% on all A3 Performance products.

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