Successful athletes don’t make excuses, they make plans

Throwback to better times. '97 Superbowl Champs.

Throwback to better times. ’97 Superbowl Champs.

Its a sad sad day for Packer fans, but at least my 2nd week of training is in the books. It was very hard to get motivated today. The Packer game last night was a real back breaker. I watched the game down in Milwaukee to celebrate my big brothers 27th birthday. After driving back home this morning, I managed to drag myself to the pool. After that I went for a cold and windy run along the campus bike path.

I still haven’t missed a workout yet, but it was definitely hard to pull myself out of bed early to do a couple workouts this week. I found that my key to getting up is to plan ahead the night before. Make sure all my gear is laid out right by my bed, my water bottle is filled and in the fridge, any nutrition is sitting out on the counter, and even packing my lunch for the next day.

One of the most important things I have to do during my training is to plan ahead. Packing my training gear before work for afternoon workouts and always having water, nutrition and recovery supplements on hand. I recently read an article that talked about how we often make excuses not to train. Here’s a quote I liked:

“Excuses rob us of the ability to fail, because they cushion the fall. For the athlete, failure should be considered a right of passage. If we don’t tap into our potential because we’re afraid we won’t succeed, we’re going against everything that endurance racing is about” -Lava Magazine

2nd week of training:

Tuesday 1hr bike in the morning while watching some CMT Music Videos and then 30 min afternoon run (+ core)

Wednesday: 30 min run during lunch at work and then 30 min afternoon swim (+ lift)

Thursday: 1.25 hr bike (+ core)

Friday: 30 minute morning run (FINALLY I WOKE UP AND RAN) and 30 minute swim (+ lift)

Saturday: 1.5 hr bike ride, alternating high/low gears (+ core)

Sunday: 30 min swim and 45 minute run

Favorite workout of the week: Felt really good swimming this week. Did a lot of shorter intervals with a faster pace. Not to mention sitting in the hot tub after isn’t too bad!

Least favorite workout of the week: Today’s run. Cold and windy, but more importantly it was the day after the Packers loss.

Advice of the week: Successful athletes don’t make excuses, they make plans

Thing I’m looking forward to next week: I am looking forward to the 2 group spins at the Endurance house locations. Still haven’t really got chance to meet a lot of the team yet. Also, I am hoping to get some ideas for some spinning drills (I’ve never really done drills on the bike besides varying the cadence or gear difficulty.)

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