First week of training

Core Workshop at Harbor Athletic Club

Core Workshop at Harbor Athletic Club

Overall it was good first week of training. The hardest part is forming habits. I’m learning that I’m going to have to start doing workouts in the morning if I am going to get multiple workouts in a day. Let’s just say mornings aren’t my thing right now. Its usually a couple snoozes or two before I get up. We had our first team workshop on Wednesday. We went through a bunch of different core workouts that we can use over the coming months. After the workshop we all headed over to Midtown Pub for our Holiday social. Got to meet some of the other teammates and had a good Q&A session with the coaches.

Here’s a breakdown of the first week of training:

Tuesday (Hungover from New Years): 30 min run and 45 minute bike (+ core)

Wednesday: 30 min swim (+ lift)

Thursday: 1.25 hr bike (+ core)

Friday: 30 minute run and 30 minute swim (+ lift)

Saturday: 1.25 hr bike ride (+ core)

Sunday: 1 hour swim and 45 minute run (+ lift)

Favorite workout of the week: 1.25 bike ride on Saturday. Got some speed work in and build up a good sweat while watching The Guardian on t.v

Least favorite workout of the week: Run on Tuesday. Temps in the teens + wind + hangover = no fun!

Advice of the week: In the Q&A session, the coaches talked about sticking to your goal. If your A-race is Ironman Wisconsin this fall (which mine is), then don’t focus on setting a PR in an upcoming marathon or race. I had originally planned to try and qualify for Boston this spring, but changed my mind. Ill make that a 2014 goal.

Thing I’m looking forward to next week: 4 runs next week (want to work on perfecting my form before I put the miles on)

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