Spit, Snot and Farts

From Ironman 2009. I wish you could upload 'smells'

From Ironman 2009. I wish you could upload ‘smells’

Catchy title aint it? A lot of people outside the sport of running/triathlon don’t really know the full details of what happens during a long run/race. I remember my first Ironman back in 2009. I was about 2 miles into the run and happened to be running behind a guy at a similiar pace. I stuck behind him for over 15 miles of the marathon, he was a great pacer, but the only downfall was his gas. It seemed like every step he took, he let out a little squeak.

Now let me make one thing clear; burping, spitting, farmer blowing, and farting are all socially acceptable while training and racing with others. Its gonna happen, its part of the sport. When you consume nothing but gatorade, water, and energy gels for hours on end, there are going to be some side effects to that. In a future blog I’ll get into the last of the bodily functions that takes place \during endurance racing, the ‘art form’ of urinating without slowing down.

Week 3 down. It was the most intense week of training yet. My training plan is set up that way; 3 weeks building up, followed by 1 week of recovery. I’m looking forward to a nice easy week of spinning and running.

Week totals: 10.5 hours

  • Swimming: 2 hrs 15 mins
  • Biking: 5.5 hours biking
  • Running: 2hrs 50 mins


Cold Cold sunday run. Temps in single digitals. Bundle up!

Cold Cold sunday run. Temps in single digitals. Bundle up!

Tuesday 1hr 15min bike in the morning and then 35 min afternoon run (+ core)

Wednesday: 45 min run in the morning (ahhhhh morning runs, its a love/hate thing) and then 45 min afternoon swim (+ lift)

Thursday: I went to my first Team spin on Thursday night. We did some single leg drills along with some speed intervals ( 4 sets of 5 minutes at 100rpm and then 5 minute easy.) 1.5 hours.

Friday: 30 minute swim during lunch and 45 minute form run after work

Saturday: Early 8am Team spin at Endurance House East. We did some power intervals to similate hills/wind during a race. 1.5 hours.

Sunday: FIRST BRICK OF THE YEAR. 1 hour swim: 3,500 yds. 1.25 hours on the bike: warm up, speed drills, warm down (20-25 miles). 45 minute run (best time yet).

Favorite workout of the week: The group spins at Endurance House East were a great way to pass the time! Got to meet a lot of people and learn some new spinning workouts.

GU Sampler Pack

GU Sampler Pack

Least favorite workout of the week: Morning runs. Any morning runs  are no fun.

Advice of the week: Learn from your mistakes. Especially with race nutrition. Find out what you like and don’t like through training. See what works for you. You never want to go into a race trying something new. I got a ‘sampler pack’ of GU from my brother at Christmas. Its a great opporutunity to determine which flavors I like the best.

Thing I’m looking forward to next week: RECOVERY WEEK!

3 responses to “Spit, Snot and Farts

  1. Great post. I’m really enjoying this rest day too, especially after that brick yesterday! The scary thing is that 3 hours will seem like nothing in just a few months.

  2. I attempted to do a 10km swim and completely disgusted myself with absolutely deadly gases on the way.

    Word to the wise: practice your nutrition before race day!

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