Back At It: IRONMAN Couer d’Alene

After almost two whole months of couch surfing, fried foods, and plenty of beer, I’m back at it. The training for IRONMAN Couer d’Alene has begun. After coming close to qualifying for Kona at IRONMAN Wisconsin in September I thought I would be extra motivated to get back to training right away, but that didn’t happen and that’s okay. The week after IRONMAN Wisconsin, I moved from Madison, WI to Minneapolis, MN. A four hour up into the great white north! A job opportunity came a knock-in and I felt I needed a change. As part of that change, my IRONMAN Champion Coach, Jackie Arendt, and I decided it was best to find a coach up in the Minneapolis area. I had a great time working with Jackie and I’m glad all her hard work is paying dividends for her. After some research and recommendations, I have found a new coach, Joe Moyer. He is very data focused with I’m excited to experience. I will be training with power this year which I believe can be very beneficial to improving my endurance on the bike.

number-7The last two months have been great for recharging my batteries and its time to get going on my next race. My training has begun and has a very heavy run and swim focus in the first couple of months. I’m still going to make sure I get the miles in on the bike, but I really want to improve my run this winter. My run at IRONMAN Wisconsin was not what I had wanted and I am dedicated to making sure that won’t happen next year.

So begins the next 8 months of training. That gives me 251 days to make healthy choices, sacrifices and put in the hard work that is required to be great.

7 minutes. That’s 420 seconds. That’s the time that separated me from qualifying for Kona.

Those 7 minutes will my motivation. Written on my basement wall where my trainer is set up, written on my kickboard, and sharpie’d on my shoes.

2014 will be my year. Try and stop me.


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6 responses to “Back At It: IRONMAN Couer d’Alene

  1. Good luck making up those seven minutes. I bet just the added experience of another IM under your belt will help you make that up. I am doing my first full IM (IMUK) in July next year. I am super excited!!

    • Thank you! It all depends on who is racing that day, but I think like you said the experience of another IRONMAN and also that the fact that I’m adding in a weight training program will help me a lot. Im hoping to take off those 7 minutes off from the swim alone. Big goals this year. Thanks for reading! Good luck on IMUK. It’s a fun journey to your first IRONMAN.

  2. If I get up to MN and its warm enough in the end of April, I have some good bike routes for you if you want! Have fun training!

  3. Awesome way to motivate yourself!! I’m looking forward to reading more of your journey to Couer d’Alene and your race day experience there. I was there in 2012 volunteering and spectating. What a beautiful place!!

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