Kona 2019 Predictions

Submit your predictions below and you can win a $100 INFINIT Nutrition Gift Card

Predict your top 3 overall male and female finishers.

Scoring system: 
Correct 1st place prediction: 10pts
Correct 2nd place prediction: 5pts
Correct 3rd place prediction: 3pts
Top 5 finish by any of your picks: 2pts
Top 10 finish by any of your picks: 1pt

Most points overall is the winner! If tied, the tiebreaker question will be used (predict overall time of winner).

Good luck! Winner will be notified on Tuesday October 15th. Entries must be submitted by 10/11/19 at 11:59pm CST

View the start list here: 2019 IRONMAN World Championship Start List

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