Fresh Start

forkThings don’t always go your way. That’s how life works.

I wrote a blog a month or so ago called ‘Losing Your Motivation‘ which discussed how to avoid losing your motivation and not let it affect your training.

Even with the tips and advice that I wrote about, I still lost my motivation for the past couple of weeks (as evident by the lapse since the last blog post). Injuries and life sometimes just get in the way.

I’ll admit, I missed some workouts and gave half-ass effort during others, but when it comes down to it, sometimes all you need is time. 2 weeks later I’ve re-discovered my motivation. A long 4 hour bike ride along the Ironman loop this weekend was just what I needed. A good time to clear my mind and re-assess my goals and training.

My first race is approaching next weekend. I am doing a Olympic triathlon right here in Madison, WI. I’ve put in 3 or 4 open water swims in the past week, which is always a sign that the weather is warming up and race season is starting. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable in the water this year than ever before.

I’m re-focused, re-determined and ready to kick some ass! If you ever get down and lose your motivation, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll find it again, and it may come back even stronger than before!

Here’s a quote to live by:

“We can only see the past and the present. We have no idea where the future is taking us. So why should we be upset when life leads us down a different path? Maybe there’s something better waiting for us at the end of it.”

Happy training and good luck to everyone racing this coming weekend! May your training be rewarded!

crashMy training: The week didn’t start out too well. Popped a tire a took a digger in the  rain on the bike during the first half hour of my planned 4 hour ride. Ended up turning back and only getting an hour in. The next day I ended up getting another flat about an hour into my ride. I had just bought new tubes and CO2, which I forgot in my car. Luckily the other riders I was with had extras. That Thursday we were trying to out run a storm and guess what, another flat (don’t worry, I bought a new tire now so everything’s good). Right when I took the tire off to change it the rain started. By rain I mean torrential downpour. I ended up putting the wheel back on (flat tire and all) and pumping it full of CO2. I made it back home safety; soaked clothes and a deflated ego. The week got better with a couple of good OWS’s. Saturday I got in a 4 hour bike ride on the Ironman course and did a brick run after (averaged 5:55 min/mile pace on the run). Overall a good weekend

Total Time: 13.5 hours

  • Bike: 8 hours
  • Run: 2 hours
  • Swim: 2 hours
  • Core/Strength: 1.5 hours

2 responses to “Fresh Start

  1. Good to see you’ve found your mojo again Eric, good luck with your Olympic distance race! – Simone

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