IRONMAN Training Camp Week

Today marks one month out from IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene which means that I am in the peak of my training plan right now. The past two weeks have each been 20+ hour training weeks which included multiple bike rides of 5+ hours and long runs of 2+ hours.

Today I am headed to the very tropical and exotic Rochester, MN for training camp with my coach. I am one week out from my first race (Liberty Triathlon – Half Iron) so this will be a good test to see where I am at heading into my race.

The training camp schedules looks like this:


  • 2.5 hour Bike (Including a TT)
  • .5 hour transition run
  • AM swim of 3500-4000
  • 6 hour bike ride
  • 60 minute trail run
  • 45 minute open water swim
  • 2-2.5 hour ride
  • 30-45 minute run
  • Possible recovery ride or swim in the PM
  • AM swim of 75 minutes
  • 3 hour ride
  • 15 minute transition run

Should be a great weekend of training! I’m excited to try out my new Zipp 808’s today in the time trial as well as the NormaTec recovery systems . Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more frequent updates. Thanks for stopping by!

Moyerland Training Camp 2014

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