March Madness – IRONMAN Style


Ironman-Bracket-Rd4In light of NCAA March Madness I wanted to see what North American Ironman Event people like the most. I randomly seeded the different Ironman events. Voting will take place over the next four weeks.

Updated 3/30/13: Final Round Match-up is now live

You can vote once per day. Results of each round will be determined at the end of each week.

Round 1: March 18th-21st

Round 2: March 22nd-25th

Final Four: March 26th-29th

Championship: March 30th-April 7th

My training: This week’s training was really focused on ramping up the hours on the bike. I got in 7.25 hours on the bike over 4 separate rides. Due to the cold weather/snow I am still stuck indoors on the trainer. Movies help a little, but the fastest way to make time go faster is to spin in groups. Saturday we did a group spin at Endurance House and we simulated the Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course. Albeit it’s not the real thing, but its better than a typical spin alone in my living room. This week we also got in 4 hours of running, including a 1.25 hour run on Wednesday (longest so far of training). Next week is recovery week, so it will be a chance to get my legs fresh and get ready for riding outside (hopefully) in April.

Week totals: 15.5  hours

  • Swimming: 3.75 hours
  • Biking: 7.25 hours
  • Running:  4 hours
  • Core/Lifting: .5 hours

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Map

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Map

Week 11 – Bike Focus

Tuesday: 2.25 hour spin while watching The Hunger Games. 45 min run + Core

Wednesday: 1.25 hour run. 45 minute swim (drill/form focus)

Thursday: Group Spin at Endurance House – East. Main set was power intervals and some simulated hills

Friday: 45 minute run. 45 minute swim

Saturday: Morning spin at Endurance House – East. We simulated the Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course (1 loop).

Sunday: Brick Day, 4 hours total. 1.5 hour swim (4000+ yds). 1.5 hour bike. 1 hour run

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Elevation Map

Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course Elevation Map

Favorite workout of the week: Saturday morning’s spin workout was great! We did a simulation of one of the Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course loops. We would simulate the different climbs and flats of the course as a group. Not the real thing, but it makes a snowy Saturday morning go by faster.

Least favorite workout of the week: My Wednesday morning run. It had snowed 4-6 inches the night before. I used my Yak Tracks which helped out a lot on the ice, but the areas that weren’t plowed yet were tough. Definitely got a good quad workout running through deep snow.

Advice of the week: If you can achieve something without a struggle, it’s not going to be satisfying

Thing I’m looking forward to next week: Is it ever going to get warm out? Next week is a recovery week